Ergonomy in Dentistry part1 App

Name: Ergonomy in Dentistry part1 App
Description: What is the correct posture of the body during dental practice? How dentists can protect themselves from neck, back, or shoulder pain? What stretching and strengthening exercises should the dentists do to keep their musculoskeletal system healthy? This application practically answers these questions. Because of the nature of their career, dentists are prone to many musculoskeletal disorders including backache; neck pain; shoulder, hand and wrist problems, etc. Many dentists have to leave their work, temporarily or permanently, due to these problems. Ignoring occasional pain in neck, back or shoulder my lead to serious irreversible damages in musculoskeletal system of the body. In this application, important strategies that every dentist should keep in mind regarding work posture, examples of exercises that dentists should do, appropriate range of motion for neck, body, arm, and elbow, and common improper postures that dentists take have been practically explained.
Date of release: Apr 15, 2013