World War Game

Name: World War Game
Description: Games plays an important role in maintaining a mind and soul. Games gives us a lot of exercises in forming our mind. Therefore, games should be played for the sake of enjoyment, pleasure and recreation. If played in the right spirit, games become an important part of a life. Surely, you also feel tired during the day and try to create variety in your work, under various pretexts.
You may drink water, send SMS to your friends, listen to music, and walk a little and….. You can do all these things to be able to continue with all your strength. We’ve tried to make another way for you. “World War” is a strategic game that provides you a good time. You command a full-blown battle in this game. You must both protect your territory and destroy the enemy. If you’ve already done the risk game, you’re more comfortable with the game. The goal of each player is to take over more integrated countries in the region and destroy and disperse enemy forces. However, you can apply a variety of strategies. Be sure that this game is rough. This can be played as a single or two player games with HD quality.
You can play safely; just take care of your spine! If you get used to the game, it’s hard to leave
Play and enjoy it
Enjoy your moments
Date of release: Aug 12, 2013